Zero Order Wave Plate 17.5mm

Achromatic – Air Spaced – 12.7mm


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Achromatic Waveplates – Air Spaced

Tower’s achromatic waveplate (AWP) is similar to a zero-order waveplate, which is made from two pieces of crystal quartz except that the AWP is composed of one piece of crystal quartz and one piece of magnesium fluoride, MgF2. Both of these materials are birefringent, however, by proper matching of the birefringent changes of the two materials, retardation changes are minimized as the wavelength changes. This phenomenon produces a waveplate whose change in retardation is extremely small for large variations in wavelength. For tunable sources or lasers with large spectral widths, you’ll want an AWP – one whose performance is nearly independent of wavelength.

Tower’s AWPs are designed to effectively eliminate the wavelength dependence over a wide spectral range, typically several hundred nanometers. The AWPs are available for four wavelength ranges: 465-610 nm (VIS), 610-850 nm (VIS/NIR), 700-1000 nm(NIR), and 1200-1650 nm(IR.) These AWPs operate beyond these ranges; however the retardation change exceeds the specification. The standard versions are air-spaced. Custom AWPs are available to meet your specific requirements. Send us your drawing for a quote on a custom AWP.

Waveplate Specifications

Substrate material: crystal quartz & MgF2
Retardanceλ/4 and λ/2
Retardation tolerance: λ/100 overwavelength range
Clear aperture: 12 mm
Temp coefficient of retardation: less than λ/500 per °C
Wavelength ranges: 1 = 465-610 nm, 4 = 610- 850 nm, 2 = 700-1000 nm, 3 = 1200-1650 nm
Transmitted wavefront distortion: λ/4@633 nm
Surface quality: 20-10 Scratch-Dig
Beam deviation: 0.5”
Parallelism: less than 1 arc minute
AOI range for less than 1% change in retardance:
Optical axis: Marked on the mounting ring
Temperature storage range: -40°C to +75°C
Damage Threshold:
2 J/cm2 (8 ns pulse@1064 nm); 500 kW/cm2, CW
Diameter mounted:25.4 mm
Ring thickness: 8 and 9 mm
Coating: Ravg less than 1% at 465-610 nm per surface, Ravg less than 0.7% at 610-850 nm per surface, Ravg less than 0.6% at 700-1000 nm per surface, Ravg less than 0.5% at 1200-1650 nm per surface

  • Low retardation variations
  • Four broad spectral ranges
  • Air spaced for high power
  • Clear aperture of 12 mm
  • Mounted in a 25.4 mm ring
  • Retardations of λ /2 and λ /4 wave

Wavelength Options

1) VIS 465 to 610 nm
2) VIS/NIR 610 to 850 nm
3) NIR 700 to 1000 nm
4) IR 1200 to 1650 nm

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