Beamsplitter Cubes


Part Number: 21b3731522f7


Polarization Beamsplitter Cubes

These beamsplitters are based upon using two complementary prisms. The output beam that is parallel to the input beam is p-polarized, while the orthogonal output beam is s-polarized.


Material: BK-7 grade A optical glass
Dimension Range: 3.2mm to 50.8mm
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.2mm
Angular Tolerance: ±3 arc minutes
Surface Quality/Scratch & Dig: 60/40
Beam Deviation: 3 arc minutes
Extinction ratio: >100:1
Principal transmittance: Tp>95% and Ts<1%
Principal reflectance: Rs>99% and Rp<5%
Wavelength range: 226nm to 2300nm
Polarization beamsplitter coating: On hypotenuse
AR coating: R<0.25% per face for 4 faces

Pricing and ordering info

Model Narrow Broad Size mm Price $
BSPN1-5-X N 5x5x5 148
BSPN1-10-X N 10x10x10 148
BSPN1-15-X N 15x15x15 185
BSPN1-20-X N 20x20x20 209
BSPB1-10-Y B 10x10x10 160
BSPB1-15-Y B 15x15x15 190
BSPB1-20-Y B 20x20x20 203

X = Narrow Band Wavelengths: 488, 514, 633, 780, 850, 1064, 1300, 1550 nm, Y = Broad Band Ranges(nm): 1=450-680, 2=650-850, 3=900-1200, 4=1200-1550

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