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Non-polarizing Beamsplitter Plates

Non-polarizing Beamsplitter plates are primarily used to split or re-combine a beam of light, especially in high power lasers. When using Non-polarizing beamsplitter plates the two partial beams travel different optical paths. The optical paths depend on the incident angle and the thickness of the plates. The beam can be shifted.

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Material: BK-7 grade A optical glass
Diameter Range: 10mm to 50.8mm
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.2mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2mm
Flatness: λ /4 @632.8nm per 25mm
Surface Quality/Scratch & Dig: 60/40
Parallelism: 1 arc minute
T/R: 50/50 ±5% for random polarization T=(Ts + Tp), R=(Rs + Rp)/2
Coatings: surface 1&2: (incidence angle: 45°)
S1: Single wavelength partial reflectance
S2: “V” AR-coatings

Pricing and ordering info

Model Narrow Broad Size mm Shape RND/SQ Price $
BSNN1-12.7S-X N 12.7×12.7×3 SQ 56
BSNN1-25.4S-X N 25.4×25.4×3 SQ 78
BSNN1-25.4R-X N 25.4×3 RND 78
BSNN1-50.8S-X N 50.8×50.8×3 SQ 129
BSNB1-12.7S-Y B 12.7×12.7×3 SQ 67
BSNB1-25.4S-Y B 25.4×25.4×3 SQ 83
BSNB1-25.4R-Y B 25.4×3 RND 83
BSNB1-50.8S-Y B 50.8×50.8×3 SQ 133

X = Narrow Band Wavelengths: 488, 514, 633, 780, 850, 1064, 1300, 1550 nm
Y = Broad Band Ranges(nm): 1=450-680, 2=650-850, 3=900-1200, 4=1200-1550

The above Beamsplitter specifications are general, we would be happy to quote for your specific requirements.

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