Achromatic - Cemented - 25.4mm

Zero Order Wave Plate 25.4mm


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Tower’s 1” Zero order waveplates provide users with a high performance Crystal Quartz retarder with a clear aperture of 23mm. These waveplates are air spaced, having a stainless steel spacer between two crystal quartz plates that form the zero order capability. Zero order waveplates are far less sensitive to temperature variations than multi-order waveplates. Air spaced waveplates have higher thermal stability and power handling capability than contacted or cemented waveplates. There are no failures as occur with contacted waveplates coming apart. Angular alignment of the waveplates is also more accurate. Tower Optical standard 1” waveplates are made from Laser quality Crystal Quartz and are AR coated. Each plate is AR coated on both sides. Standard retardations are ½ or ¼ wave. The waveplates are offered either unmounted with a diameter of 25.4mm or mounted in a 30mm anodized Aluminum mounting ring with a 23mm clear aperture. The standard wavelengths available are shown in the chart below. As a special feature, Tower offers the ability to supply the 1” zero order waveplates at wavelengths within a range of 10–20nm from any of those listed on the chart. Other wavelengths are available on a custom order basis.

Waveplate Specifications

Material: Crystal Quartz – Laser quality
Waveplate Thickness Range: 0.3 to 1.3mm
Wavefront Distortion: λ/10 @ 632.8nm
Surface Quality: 10-5 Scratch/Dig
Parallelism (Wedge): 0.5 arc seconds
Wavelength Range: Per table to the right
Retardation Tolerance: ±0.005 waves @ 632.8nm
Coating: Anti Reflective, R<0.25% per surface
Damage Threshold:
1 kW/cm2-CW,3.5 J/cm2 @10 ns
Diameter: 25.4mm, +0.0/-0.25mm unmounted; 30mm, +0.0/-0.25mm mounted
Mounted Thickness: 6.0, +0.00/-0.25mm

  • 23mm Clear Aperture
  • 25.4mm Unmounted Diameter
  • 30mm Mounted Diameter
  • Wide Range of Wavelengths
  • 1/2 and 1/4 Wave Retardation
  • Waveplates Are AR Coated
  • Very High Laser Quality
  • High Performance Specifications

Standard Wavelengths for 25.4mm Waveplates

266 355 399 405 408
423 455 488 515 532
556 589 633 650 670
780 800 830 980 1064

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